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AWS Enterprise Info:
Case #

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Store Number

For Checkout, Was the completed Assessment returned to

If not, please enter a reason in the notes field below.
Collaborate Info:

Collaborate Order #

Checkout Information: 
Was the installation successful? 

If not, cal 1-888-649-9952 option 2

Releasing Agent ATTUID:

Email the completed Checklist to ( 

For WiFi installations only, enter the CAP # below:
CAP#  (CAP # must begin with 6 leading zeros ex. 000000139425436)

Store Number:

Store Number:
Was the AVPN turn up without issues with the HD Engineer?  
If not, please explain what failed:

It’s critical that equipment being disconnected for return is verified and only the equipment listed is disconnected.



Provide the tracking number next to the equipment listed below.   Note: Each site will vary on the equipment being returned based on the configuration.   If any of the equipment listed below was not deinstalled/returned, please note that next to the equipment in place of the tracking number.


Cradle Point:


Click on this link and locate the site on the spreadsheet to verify Equipment to be returned from site.   Note, you must be connected to the AT&T VPN to view the spreadsheet.


Vendor Name:  (if applicable)

Store Number:
Tech Name: (Not required for Check Out)

Please complete only one section below at a time.   Only the questions for the step you are on need to be completed in order to submit the status update.

1) Have you located all the NEW AWE Equipment (see IDG for list)? 
    If not, please provide details. 

2) Have you located the new Broadband Circuit in the vicinity of the Equipment?
    If not, please provide details. 

3) Is Customer and Site ready?
    If not, please provide details. 

4) Do you plan to complete installation of external mounted Access Point on this visit?

5) Is OPT on site?

6) OTPs Name:

Cancel Reason 

5) Was the External Access Point mounted, tested & completed?
    If YES, you MUST report that time to the External AP CSO.

6) Confirm that the gateway, at least 1 switch and 1 AP are working and a Cashless Purchase test was completed and verified before 4AM?
    If not, please provide details. 

7) Site Cutover successful?
    If not, please provide details. 

Additional Notes if needed

Notes (This information will be sent via unencrypted e-mail.  Please do not include any customer network information in the notes field):

Tailored Brands Check-Out Information:
Was the installation successful? 
If not, why?