ATTUID (e-mail address if non-AT&T):

AWS Enterprise Info:
Case #

For WiFi installations only, enter the CAP # below:
CAP#  (CAP # must begin with 6 leading zeros ex. 000000139425436)

Store Number:

Store Number:
Was the AVPN turn up without issues with the HD Engineer?  
If not, please explain what failed:

It’s critical that equipment being disconnected for return is verified and only the equipment listed is disconnected.



Provide the tracking number next to the equipment listed below.   Note: Each site will vary on the equipment being returned based on the configuration.   If any of the equipment listed below was not deinstalled/returned, please note that next to the equipment in place of the tracking number.


Cradle Point:


Click on this link and locate the site on the spreadsheet to verify Equipment to be returned from site.   Note, you must be connected to the AT&T VPN to view the spreadsheet.




Notes (This information will be sent via unencrypted e-mail.  Please do not include any customer network information in the notes field):